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About GET DUNKED ON: The Podcast

4 nerds talk about anything and everything, while having fun quizzes to end out our podcasts.

Chances are you won't hate us. But we guess that is just it, a guess. You could. How funny would that be if you ended up hating us? But what if it was an intriguing type of hate? Like a 'we hate you so much we have to keep listening because I need more ammo to make fun of you'. That borderline passion that ends up really, underneath it all, is love. Hot burning love.

Episodes release on Mondays on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube!


The people behind the microphones.


Editor / Post-Production

Hey all! I'm the first one to greet you every week to the podcast. I play a lot of games, I like the Detroit sports a whole lot, and Batman almost as much. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitch @elevenution for all.


Official Scorekeeper/Woo-girl

Howdy! I am the quietest guy on the podcast and from the great State of Texas. I love playing video games and the great outdoors. I have a love for great cigars as well. You can find me on Twitter at @ColBurke and instagram at @Col_Burke



Hello to all who have wandered to our site and actually read our bios! I'm Brian. The guy who you makes you wonder, why exactly was he invited? But rest assured, I do bring some things to the table, like my encyclopedic knowledge of irrelevant material and some post production work. With that being said, if you would like to share things with me, my Twitter is @UnBreenLievable.


Social Media / Website

Cat lady, avid gamer, bookworm, Pepsi addict, all around nerd. Daisy1355 | realDaisy1355 | daisygaming are my handles pretty much everywhere.

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